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but man, skeletons with viking helmets and in rags, ala evil dead! why is that wrong! hehe

apart from that, an awesome manifesto

ok you totally got a point there

also thanks for the drawing, you made my day, hehe

This is really good. It is in fact: way good.

Terrific and terrifying - like a proper skeleton itself

"- if a skeleton has long since forgotten why they fight, raised as they were by a long-dead tyrant, defending a long-since worthless treasure, that's good as hell"

extremely good manifesto, now I have a bunch of ideas on how to incorporate skeletons into gamez. thank u skeleton master

"- if a skeleton has big fat crystals all over it somehow from being in a weird cave that's okay. that is in fact: way good."

excellent, excellent & very good

ok this is perfect.

hell yes